The urethral surgery often is the most effective treatment for the problems of stenosis. The male urethral pathology is a common disease in the world today. For a long time the urethral surgery has been considered unreliable, but today's reality is very different. Research has improved all the techniques of urethral surgery, and now it is possible to use the urethral surgery as a treatment for many illnesses. For a long time traditional methods of management of urethral strictures in humans were dilation and internal urethrotomy. But neither of the two systems ensured final results. The patient had risks of bleeding and infection and treatment lasted a lifetime.  The advent of antibiotics and surgery internal visual increase the effectiveness of treatments against stenosis.

But for many patients these techniques continue to be methods that do not solve the problem. The best (and sometimes only) curative treatment of most of the urethral stricture is urethroplasty. The results offered by urethroplasty are the most effective. Usually this treatment solves the problem and the patient is released from the symptoms of the stenosis. The technique consists of the opening of the urethra in the strictured tract and the excision of a segment that presents the stenosis. After the surgical procedure the patient uses generally a urethral catheter for a few weeks. The risks of the surgical procedure were minimal. Generally the patient regains the ability to urinate normally without probes or other problems by replacement urethroplasty. For the partial or total replacement of the urethra generally used materials own body as genital skin or buccal mucosa.
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